Mom and Pop with their two children Alicia and Daniel

Mom and PopPop's Fish Market has been serving South Florida since 1957! Continuing the family tradition from the original owners John and Sandra Adeimy purchased Pop's Fish Market over 12 years ago and run the business with their 5 kids. The Adeimy family have expanded the business by adding lunches, larger wholesale, doubling the retail in less than 10 years, and now servicing the entire United States with "Pop's Fish and Ships!" No stranger to the business as the Adeimy's have been running their own seafood markets in West Palm Beach Florida for over 35 years; prior to purchasing Pop's Fish Market the Adeimy family are also involved in every aspect of the fishing industry whether it be commercial Fishing, bait, or retail wholesale.   Pop's Fish Market also have their own personal fisherman and divers that only fish and dive for them specifically, while their Northern Fish are delivered to them at least three times a week! Mom and Pop have employed a staff of knowledgeable fish enthusiasts and expert fish preparers that pride themselves on bringing you the best quality, cut and will even share many recipes!   The Pop's family and crew's mission is satisfying all their customers, both locally and nationally with the freshest fish, top quality seafood, and many other delicious products!  Welcome to Pop's Fish Market where you will enjoy only the best....come on in!