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Frozen Products
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 Orange Roughy (Per LB)
A fish caught in the cold deep waters that has a very mild, and delicate flavor...
Alligator Meat (Per LB)
Don’t let the word alligator scare you! The meat is so tasty, with a light texture and high in your ..
Baby Octopus (Per LB)
A whole baby octopus usually used in an Italian vinaigrette salad or even better on the grill!..
Baccala (Per LB)
A salted and dried Cod fish that is used in many classic Italian family recipes. Usually soaked in f..
Calamari Steaks (Per LB)
The most tender part of the squid family. These steaks are great for squid fried, grilling, or a squ..
Cleaned calamari ($17.99 Each 2.50 LB Package)
The cleaned calamari includes the tubes and tentacles. This product is PERFECT for making your own f..
Conch (Per LB)
An imported product from the turcs and caicos is normally served raw for conch salad or in ceviches...
Dungeness crab clusters (Per LB)
A crab that has the flavor of a blue crab and snow crab and just slightly sweeter than a king crab t..
Escargot (Each)
Snails never tasted this good! a whole snail mixed in a garlic butter sauce, parsley, shallots, and ..
Florida Lobster Tails (Per LB)
This Florida Lobster tail is a very white, tender, and juicy meat! A Lobster that is great for grill..
Frog Legs (Per LB)
Ever heard the saying,” a frog tastes just like chicken?” well…IT TASTES JUST LIKE CHICKEN! These wi..