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Clam's Casinos ($3 Each)
A stuffed baked clam with fresh chopped vegetables, fresh chopped clams and some herbs and spices th..
Garlic Crabs (Per LB)
Who doesn’t like their Blue crabs with a little butter and garlic? Pop’s cooked garlic crabs have ju..
Half Stuffed Maine Lobster ($13.99 each)
A half Cooked Maine Lobster stuffed with Mom’s crab cakes. You have never had a Maine lobster like t..
Mom’s Homemade Crab cakes ($8.00 Per Package of two)
Chunks of crab meat mixed in a lite mayonnaise, fresh vegetables, with Pop’s spices it’s a perfect c..
Old Bay Crabs (Per LB)
Florida blue crab boiled to perfection with an old bay seasoning to add a little zest...
Poached Salmon with Dill Sauce ($10.99 Each) (.75)
Our ocean raised salmon Poached in a white wine with some herbs and spices topped with our homemade ..
Pop's Conch Fritters ($6.00 for 1 Dz)
Mom’s homemade conch fritter batter that has fresh vegetable, chunks of conch, that are fried to per..
Pop’s Cooked Extra Large Gulf Shrimp (Per LB)
These shrimp are just like eating a bag of potato chips you can never just eat 1, 2, 3, 4,or 5! Thes..
Pop’s extra large gulf peel and eat shrimp (Per LB)
We took Pop’s extra- large gulf shrimp to a whole different level; Boiled to perfection in an Old ba..
Pop’s Garlic Bread ($3.50 PER Loaf)
Fresh baked Ciabatta bread soaked in our Pop's secret garlic butter sauce. This mouth watering ..
Scallop Imperials ($3.00 Each)
A stuffed scallop shell filled with our fresh bay scallops and mixed in a white cream filling! You h..
Shrimp and Bay Scallop Quiche ($12.99 Each)
A delicious Quiche baked with our fresh bay scallops and our fresh Medium Gulf shrimp! This treat is..