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FRESH Grey Sole Fillet (Per LB)
A thin, mild, white, delicate, fish that is very similar to a flounder in taste. This fish is great ..
FRESH Lemon Sole (Per LB)
The Lemon Sole is a very White, flaky mild fish that has the similar taste to a flounder. This fish ..
FRESH Local Lion Fish fillet (Per LB)
A fish that was caught locally in Florida is a fish that is overpopulated and also very damaging to ..
FRESH Local Snapper Fillet (Per LB)
A fresh local fish that is caught by our personal divers and fisherman. This local fish is a very wh..
FRESH Monk Fish (Per LB)
Known as “ the poor man’s Lobster” that has the texture of a lobster but has a very distinct flavor!..
FRESH North Carolina Rainbow Trout (Per LB)
A lovely, mild flavored treat that is very easy to sautéed just make sure you add a lemon butter sau..
FRESH Triple Tail (Per LB)
A fresh local fish that has the texture and taste of a grouper and a snapper!..
FRESHLY frozen Okeechobee Tilapia fillet (Per LB)
A very white, mild, flaky fish that picks up any choice of flavor. This fish can be sautéed, baked o..
Sushi grade Yellow fin Tuna (Per LB)
This firm meaty, tender texture has the consistency of almost like a filet mignon! This beautiful fi..
FRESH Mahi-Mahi- Dolphin Fillet (Per LB)
Don’t mistake this fish as flipper!A deep water fish that is caught locally that has a very sweet bu..
FRESH Boston Haddock Fillet (Per LB)
If you like a mild, flaky fish; this fish is for you! A fresh caught Boston Haddock fillet is great ..