Mom’s Homemade Salads and Dips!

Mom’s Homemade Salads and Dips!
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Calamari Salad (1/2 lb)
This calamari salad melts in your mouth! With a blend of sesami seeds, teriyaki and chunks of fresh ..
Mom's Coleslaw (1/2 LB)
Considered a SWEET coleslaw made with chopped cabbage, carrots, a light mayonnaise, and sugar ; Don’..
Mom's Famous Smoked Salmon Dip (1/2 lb)
A spread mixed with our fresh ocean raised smoked salmon, mayonnaise, cream cheese, and pop’s secret..
Mom's Tuna Salad (1/2 LB)
When we say famous we mean famous! Customers come in the store just for our tuna fish salad. Th..
Mom’s Clam Dip (1/2 LB)
This dip is so delicious that customers special order it. A mix of fresh chopped clams, mayonnaise, ..
Mom’s Conch Salad (Per LB)
A salad that has a little bite to it! Blended with chopped conch, fresh vegetables and mixed with so..
Mom’s Cucumber Salad (1/2 LB)
So simple yet so delicious! Mom’s cucumber salad is mixed with our fresh, thinly sliced cucumbers an..
Mom’s Famous Smoked Fish Dip (1/2 LB)
When we say famous we mean famous! Customers come in the store just for our smoked fish dip. This di..
Mom’s lobster salad (Per LB)
Made with our fresh handpicked Maine Lobster meat mixed with a lite mayonaise chopped celery, fresh ..
Mom’s Potato Salad (1/2 LB)
Homemade thick cut red potatoes  with fresh chopped celery and fresh chopped red onion mixed wi..
Mom’s Spinach and Crab Dip (1/2 LB)
A dip where you can’t stop dipping! A dip that is mixed with our 50/50 crab meat (half real crab, an..
Mom’s Tomato Corn Salsa (1 LB)
A salsa that is great on vegetables, fish, or anything you desire! Mixed with our fresh shucked corn..